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$15 AUD or

$20 AUD as a combo deal with one of the new mini ebooks  or

$25 AUD as a combo with both mini ebooks


Let me show you how delicious and simple homemade plant based foods can be. Book includes 55 of my absolutely favourite recipes.


Categories include: staples, meals, salads, snacks and desserts!


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$7 AUD or

$10 AUD for both mini ebooks


This new mini e-book includes 12 delicious (and easy) homemade plant based recipes for 1 person!

It is perfect if you…

∙ live by yourself

∙ are the only one in the house that eats plant based foods

∙ need a meal for nights you are home alone

∙ want a sweet treat but can’t trust yourself with a whole batch of cookies

∙ or perhaps you’ve had stomach surgery and can’t eat a large / regular sized meal


No longer is cooking for 1 person too troublesome. I have rounded up 12 awesome recipes so you can nourish yourself with delicious homemade plant based foods that will stop you from settling for tea and toast for dinner, again.


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$7 AUD


I’ve rounded up a selection of my favourite recipes for anyone who is craving a sweet snack. To ensure you don’t just eat naughty snacks, this mini book has a nice balance of treat (in moderation) snacks as well as some healthy ones. There is something for everyone!



These e-Books have been designed as a simple A4 PDF document for easy printing but also easily viewed on any device with a PDF reader app.

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$7 AUD

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